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A series

2007-10-08 21:08:36 by Alex256

Ive decided to start a naruto series but i need voice actors let me know if your willing to help

A series


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2007-10-08 21:36:25

Great, more Narutards Ugh...*Shoots self in the face*

Alex256 responds:



2007-10-08 21:42:11

well, i will be glad to help, but i am just a 12 year old kid!my voice will ruin your submission!

Alex256 responds:

doesnt matter


2007-10-08 22:11:24

im up for it man email when u want if u need me my email is

Alex256 responds:

ok ill mail you after school


2007-10-08 22:12:58

and on another note WOOT FOR sep shootin himself in the face XP die slowly fella

Alex256 responds:

lol so you gunna help


2007-10-21 22:46:24

Hey you like Naruto?

Alex256 responds:

Hell yeah