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2007-09-24 17:15:33 by Alex256

Q: who or what inspried you
Q:how long did it take you
A:about a month
Q:do you take request
->note if i do take request it wont be my big mission it will be on my to do list
Q:what program did you use
macromedia flash 8 pro
Q:Are you making a series
Q:do you need voices from us

A:Hell Yeah Just send me a sound file :D
Dont steal my work

Q and A


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2007-09-24 17:40:35

i liked it,

Alex256 responds:

Thnx :)


2007-09-24 18:07:37

soooooo COOOOOOOOOLLLLL.....i give ya four paws up for ur userpage and ur first flash which was great,im lookin forward to more of ur flashes that i would fav in the future

Alex256 responds:

Thnx Nick


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